Podnaslovi na hrvatskom i švedskom

SEDAM GLAVNIH GRIJEHA GOVORENJA: ogovaranje, osuđivanje, negativnost, ispričavanje, pretjerivanje, dogmatizam.

ŽELIŠ LI BITI SRETAN, BUDI ZAHVALAN! Zanimljivo predavanje američkog katoličkog benediktinca, brata Davida Steindl-Rasta
SKRIVENI ŽIVOT-film prema istinitom događaju. TEMA: PRIZIV SAVJESTI.

I painted tombs of the prophets.
I helped people look up
from those pews and dream.
They look up, and they imagine
that if they’d lived back in Christ time,
they wouldn’t have done
what the others did.
They would’ve murdered those
who’d been there at all.
I paint all this suffering,
and I’ve got suffer myself.
I make a living of it.
What we do,
is just create sympathy.
We create– We create admirers.
We don’t create followers.
Christ’s life is a demand.

He doesn’t want to be reminded of it.
So we don’t have to see
what happens to the truth.
Darker time is coming.
And men will be more clever.
They won’t fight the truth,
so, just ignore it.
I paint their comfortable Christ,
with a halo over his head.
How can I show
what I haven’t lived?
Some day I might have the courage
to venture. Not yet.
Some day. I’ll paint the true Christ.

Learn the lesson of the blacksmith.
No matter how hard
a hammer strikes
the anvil cannot,
need not to strike back.
The anvil outlives the hammer.
That which is hammered on the anvil,
takes his form,
not only from the hammer,
but the anvil too.

Your Excellency,
thank you so much
for speaking with me.
If God gives us free will,
we’re responsible for what we do,
what we fail to do,
aren’t we?
If our leaders are not good.
If they’re evil, what does one do?
I want to save my life,
but not through lies.
Slobodan Vuličević, akademski slikar… proživljena mudrost. Pogledati nekoliko puta… Slušati bez gledanja!
Svojeglav, ali lumen- Baš umjetnik otpora!